Thursday, May 6, 2010

wanna be starting something

I can't seem to stop starting new projects before finishing the last one.  Here is but a sampling:
1) that blasted Gooseberry Cardi is still a sleeve short of done, though I won't be able to wear it for another 5 months or so, so no hurry, I guess
2) a checkerboardy scarf in gorgeous BMFA woobu that I got a few inches into and abandoned for something or other
3) the second Hedera sock that I knit like 2 rows a week on and should really finish up because there might be a couple wool sock days still to come this spring
4) my beloved second Slip Jig sock that is so much fun to knit but that I put aside to start a sweater and just haven't picked up again even though I have knit through the heel flap and could totally finish up in a day or two of actually working on it. 
5) a Chickadee cowl I cast on just so I'd have something to knit at the movies last weekend when we went to see Greenberg. (And there's a skein of yarn already would that I already want to make another Chickadee out of...)

And now I'm onto the Passiflora from Twist Collective, which is so so so pretty and which I could get a ton of use out of if I finish it soon, especially if I could manage to finish it before I go on my cruise at the rapidly-approaching end of the month.  So I should 100% absolutely be sitting here knitting like crazy on any one of those projects, but instead I just hand washed pretty much every pair of socks I've ever knit for myself, and noticed that my awesome Bellatrixes (Bellatrices?) have a hole worn in the sole, and now I am having to sit on my hands to keep from stash-diving and casting on a new pair. They're so cool looking! And fun to knit! And would look so great in that skein of Tosh Sock I just rediscovered in the back of a drawer!

Pathetic, I know.  In my defense, though, I will say that I've been working nearly double my usual hours for the past three weeks and will be again next week, so my knitting time and brain capacity are minimal these days. 

Just to salvage a little self-esteem out of this mess, here's a pic of that Calorimetry I posted about a little bit ago.  (And yes, my bathroom is kind of depressing looking and the mirror could do with a good cleaning, thank you for noticing!)

Also, and in completely unrelated news, a project that I worked many, many hours on over the past year has come to fruition: my school received NAEYC accreditation with an awesome 98% score today!

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