Tuesday, April 27, 2010

ittle bittle fo

This one's so little it's only an fo, not an FO.  But it's an object, and it's finished, so here it is.  Took me more than one evening - more like a little bit of three consecutive evenings, an hour here, a couple rows there.  Bound off and sewed on the button tonight while having a little sit-n-knit at Diesel with Sojo.  (I'm so thrilled that Sarah's started knitting - finally someone to both stitch *and* bitch with!)  No photos because it's nighttime and there's no light and I'm feeling kinda scuzzy and non-photographable anyway.  But there will be photos because this yarn is so pretty it deserves to be seen.

Pattern: Calorimetry
Yarn: Three Irish Girls Springvale Super Merino
Colorway: Carrick (I think)
Yardage: a hundred or so

2010 to date:
FOs: 10
Yards knit: 2670

Sunday, April 25, 2010

It doesn't count, but...

I have two finished socks sitting on the coffee table.  They're the first socks of two different pairs, so there's no new FOs to report, but I'm very happy with both of them.  The first is that Hedera I mentioned last time, and I've got a few inches of its match done, and the second is the March shipment of the always-thrilling Rockin' Sock Club.  I think we're still in secrecy mode on that one for now, but when we're allowed to reveal, I will do so.  It might be the most enjoyable sock pattern I've had the pleasure of knitting, and since it's STR, the yarn is of course delectable.

I have the problem of having a giant stash but only wanting to knit with STR.  I should probably just sell almost everything else, because every time I go looking for what to knit next, I head straight for my STR bins and ignore everything else.  Bad me. 

I've got a summer sweater's worth of non-STR I'm getting ready to cast on with.  Going to do this beauty in the yarn and even the colorway pictured.  It's so pretty in the photos I couldn't think of a single way to improve.  Should probably get started if I want to stand a chance of wearing it on our cruise...

And today I decided I needed a new Calorimetry for days like today when it's beautiful out but breezy.  We walked a few miles along the Charles this afternoon, and even though my body was warm from the exercise, my ears were cold from the breeze!  Maybe I'll whip one of those up tonight while watching tv.  I love one-evening projects - they make me feel like a knitting savant.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

FO #9

I'm so behind on photos, it's terrible.  I just need to remember to take them when it's light outside! That said, here's my poorly-lit, night-time photo of finished object #9 of 2010.
It's an Ishbel shawl, knit out of Wollmeise.  Because I've been amassing a little stockpile of Wollmeise but had yet to use any, I decided the first project should take advantage of the generous skein size, so I went for the limit - I knit the large stockinette section and the large lace section.  Of course, after I'd bound off half of the shawl I ran out of yarn, so I had to tink back a few rows and reknit, omitting the last two rows of the pattern.  I think it still looks just fine, though.  I'll block it this weekend, and then I'll know for sure.  The Wollmeise is just so gloriously color-saturated, it was fun to knit, even though it hasn't got as tight a twist as I usually prefer. 

I've also been knitting a pair of Hedera socks, of which one is done, and the other is a couple inches so far.  So I've been knitting, I just haven't been finishing much lately.  Until tonight!

The specs:
Pattern: Ishbel, by the always amazing (and beautiful) Ysolda Teague (see above for pattern link)
Yarn: Wollmeise Twin
Colorway: Neptun
Bought at: The Loopy Ewe, my #1 favorite yarn shop online
Yardage: dang near all 510 yards of it

2010 so far:
Finished Objects: 9
Yards knit: 2570