Wednesday, April 14, 2010

FO #9

I'm so behind on photos, it's terrible.  I just need to remember to take them when it's light outside! That said, here's my poorly-lit, night-time photo of finished object #9 of 2010.
It's an Ishbel shawl, knit out of Wollmeise.  Because I've been amassing a little stockpile of Wollmeise but had yet to use any, I decided the first project should take advantage of the generous skein size, so I went for the limit - I knit the large stockinette section and the large lace section.  Of course, after I'd bound off half of the shawl I ran out of yarn, so I had to tink back a few rows and reknit, omitting the last two rows of the pattern.  I think it still looks just fine, though.  I'll block it this weekend, and then I'll know for sure.  The Wollmeise is just so gloriously color-saturated, it was fun to knit, even though it hasn't got as tight a twist as I usually prefer. 

I've also been knitting a pair of Hedera socks, of which one is done, and the other is a couple inches so far.  So I've been knitting, I just haven't been finishing much lately.  Until tonight!

The specs:
Pattern: Ishbel, by the always amazing (and beautiful) Ysolda Teague (see above for pattern link)
Yarn: Wollmeise Twin
Colorway: Neptun
Bought at: The Loopy Ewe, my #1 favorite yarn shop online
Yardage: dang near all 510 yards of it

2010 so far:
Finished Objects: 9
Yards knit: 2570

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