Wednesday, August 25, 2010

FO 1-6 for the big 6-0

August 29th, 2010 is my Mama's 60th birthday.  I don't think she'd mind me announcing it to the world, because she is almost as proud of herself as I am for being as happy and healthy and vital a 60 year old as the world has seen.  I could write a million words about how inspiring, beautiful, beloved, and heroic my mother is and still not scratch the surface.  She has come through her life's (far too many) challenges with such grace, positivity, and goodness, I aspire to walk in her intrepid footsteps every day.  And I can't speak about her fierce devotion to my well-being without mentioning that she gave me life twice, first when I was born almost 34 years ago, and again five and a half years ago when she gave me most of her liver for my lifesaving transplant.  My own sweet Mama.

And for her birthday, I am sending her (among other things) a cozy neckwarmer that looks like this:
It's just a little something, but I hope it'll feel like a hug on those chilly nights when she's out walking my brother-dog, Grayson.

The info:
Fidget for my Mama
Pattern: Fidget, by Robin Dodge
Yarn: Fiesta Boomerang
Colorway: Madrid
Yardage: 150

2010 so far:
Finished Objects: 16
Yards knit: 4000

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