Saturday, October 2, 2010

potentially good news, potentially bad news

I have to start by saying I was chastised for knitting in a movie tonight.  Very rudely.  Apparently the infinitely quiet sound of my needles clicking had the potential to ruin her viewing experience, so she made me stop during the preview.  Happily, we decided to leave and get our money back because the movie was showing in the horrible, tiny digital screening room and the picture was terrible.  So I left and am now happily knitting away on the couch and watching Midsomer Murders on DVD.  Hmph.  I mean, if she'd asked nicely, I wouldn't have really minded, although I did think it was silly because really, movies are loud.  But she was so stinkin' rude! 

Anyway, the good news is that I'm making loads of progress on my Traveling Sweater now that it's cooled down enough to make that pile of lap-wool delightful instead of oppressive.  I might be a bit unfaithful to it over the next week or so in the hopes of finally finishing up my stripey socks during the month of Socktober.  But I'm nearly done with the big arc of knitting that makes up most of the sweater and then there's just a couple of upper back/sleeve pieces to knit and the daunting assembly process and then I'll have what has the potential to be the coziest sweater in my wardrobe.

The bad news is potentially very, very bad.  I pulled out my improperly-stored and long-ignored WIP the Gooseberry Cardi and there was evidence of moth activity!  Why, oh why, didn't I just stick it all in a ziploc and put it away when it went into hibernation?  Oh, I could just kick myself.  I didn't have the heart to examine it closely just then, so I popped it all into the blasted ziploc at last and put it straight into the freezer.  After a few days when I can be sure everything's all nice and dead, I'll get my nerve up to wash and inspect.  But in my heart I think I know there's going to be damage and the whole thing will go into the trash.  Ugh, ugh, ugh.  Those hateful moths that invaded the Mr's studio and ate up his Oriental rug and then moved downstairs! 

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