Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Oh Boy!  I finally decided on a project for the Ravelympics! For the non-knitters, this is the Ravelry knitting olympics, in which individuals and teams choose a challenging knit project, cast on during the (real) Olympics opening ceremonies, and knit like heck trying to get it done before the torch goes out at the (real) Olympics closing ceremonies.  I'll be knitting for Team Blue Moon (fans of Blue Moon Fiber Arts, bien sur), and I've decided to knit a Lace Ribbon Scarf out of Socks That Rock lightweight in the gorgeous, autumnal colorway Fall "On Tap".  I bought this yarn at Stitches East last year, and am super excited about using it for the Ravelympics.  I attempted this scarf a few years ago and never ended up finishing it because the yarn I was using was super annoying and splitty.  But I know STR is heavenly, so it should be a fun knit.

I might be a little crazy for thinking I can finish a scarf in time, because the first weekend I'll be in NYC for a little Valentine's weekend getaway, then there's work, then the last weekend I'm going on a "retreat" which is actually a weekend-long training, but goshdarnit, I'm going to try my best, because that's what knitters do!

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